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Glenaeon Art Show

Update from Head of School | 12th May 2023

We want to inform you that the School has made the difficult decision to no longer run the annual Glenaeon Art Show which is typically held alongside our Family Fair in November. After careful consideration, we have come to this decision for a number of reasons, the most significant of which are outlined below.

Firstly, organising the Art Show requires significant parent resources, which can be particularly burdensome for our Class 4 parents and the school community. We have moved to reduce this workload on our already hard-working families, staff, and volunteers.

In addition, the timing of our Art Show conflicts with many other school and community art shows, and we want to support all aspects of art in our local community and the artists that exhibit in the area.

Finally, we want to focus on continuing to deliver our highly successful Glenaeon Family Fair, which has grown significantly over many years, bounced after the COVID disruption, and has become a beloved event in our calendar. The Glenaeon Family Fair provides a wonderfully wholesome and fun day out for our children, families and the wider community, and is a great fundraiser for the Glenaeon Parents Association (GPA).

This year’s Glenaeon Family Fair will be held on Saturday, 4 November from 10am-4pm at our Castlecrag Campus, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag.

We want to emphasise that art remains an integral part of our school's culture, and that we are keen to explore new and exciting ideas to continue showcasing our talents and creativity in the arts. We are committed to the promotion of bespoke community art events that celebrate this. In time, we will seek a group of passionate community members who are interested in pursuing this idea further.

On behalf of the School, and the wider Glenaeon community, we wish to thank the many individuals and families who have worked on and contributed to the Art Show over the years.

Diana Drummond, Head of School


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